Street Art Tour Vienna

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Participants will be informed about the exact meeting point a day to 6 hours in advance.


  • Start: 4:30 PM

weekly on various days (please book you spot online first)

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Vienna is always seen as the imperial city with its historical monuments and its classical music, but the urban art scene is never mentioned.

Big names in the scene like ROA, Blu, Stink Fish and Shepard Fairey already came to Vienna to leave their mark.

Join the tour to follow their footsteps and get a different impression of our city.

We are locals, who are aware of the Street Art community and want to tell the interesting stories about the art and their creators!

We are passionate insiders who collect information about the art and the artists.

Some work carry political, social and artistic references, while other are more personal.

Our mission is not only to promote street art, but also to create a platform for travellers and locals to meet, discuss and discover the city and its suburbs from another perspective.

Prime Tours is passionate about leading you to the most active street art places of Vienna.
John Parker
Street Art Enthusiastic & Happy Customer


Our tours are organized weekly on different days at 6pm. We choose the evening hours to escape the busy city life, enjoy pleasant temperatures and explore the city in its most beautiful light.

Due to the fact, that we have different routes in our portfolio, which lead to different neighbourhoods and walls, we’ll inform about the exact meeting point a day in advance.

You will have the possibility to experience the real Vienna, where no tourist will normally come to. You might have the chance to try authentic Viennese Street Food and local drinks (beer & wine). We try to keep groups in a medium size to make the tour as pleasant as possible. All our guides work on a tip based level. They will try to show you the Viennese alternative art scene as they know it and enjoy it so they always appreciate a reasonable tip.

For all the street art tours we run, a valid ticket for the public transport will be needed, due to the fact that to get the most out of the tour some transport (metro, tram) will be necessary.


Do you want to be led to the exciting street art walls of the city and get an insight about the local alternative art scene?

Street Art Routes:



Route 1:

Start: Gumpendorferstraße(metro station U6) – next to the sausage booth

From the start on we are going to see street art works from international renown artists. We head through the hip 6th districts to the different large-scale pieces painted by local art crews or during Street Art Festivals. We will see everything from stencils, to characters, pieces and big walls.

The tour end will be at a big contemporary cultural space, where more art can be seen and discussion can be continued with some Austrian beer or wine.





Route 2

Start: Roßauer Lände (metro station U4) – exit ….

This tour starts from the banks of the Danube canal which is the most popular place for urban art. We are not going to show you the obvious walls, which you can find by yourself, but a lot of local artists with interesting backgrounds. We will continue to a few large scale walls by the most famous Austrian artists like Nychos, who painted Sigmund Freud in cooperation with the Viennese tourist board.

 From there we will head with the public transport(10min) to another neighborhood, which is famous for its multi-cultural population. This vibrant district sticks outs through its lively markets and bars and its urban art! For sure a very authentic experience!



Route 3:

Start: Taubstummengasse (metro station U1) – exit: Mayerhofgasse

Starting point is the 4th district, which got interesting for street art fans through a street art festival, which took place in 2013 and which curated various walls around this neighborhood. After the inspection of the spectacular works we will head with the tram to old factory area in another district, where you are will see large scale walls of one most famous street artists in the world. You will walk through an authentic residential area to other highlights of the Viennese alternative scene. On the way you will see works of Shepard Fairey(Obey, Hope), Faile, Stink Fish, Stink Fish and many more .. /// /// /// /// first Street Art walking tours in Vienna
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