Meeting Point

Hotel Mailbergerhof

Annagasse 7, 1010 Vienna

5 min. walk from Metro station Karlsplatz (U1/U2,U4)                               Watch out for a guide with the yellow Prime Tours T-Shirt inside the Hotel!


Starting from March 18

Please book your spot online!

  • Start: 10:00
  • End: 12:00
  • Start: 14:30
  • End: 16:30


Tip Based Experience *

excluding the €12 kick bike rental fee 

Meet a local, an „echten Wiener“, who shows you Vienna with our Prime Kick Bikes! 

Discover with us the 7th district, the so called Bobo or Hipster district, drink a „Spritzer“  at a hidden, cozy bar or a coffee at a traditional Viennese coffeehouse in the old town!

Enjoy the music at the Danube Canal or chill with us on the Danube Island and get to know the real life of the Viennese youth!  Be a local for one day with Prime Tours.


What will you see...?

It depends on the mood of our guide, the weather and of course on YOU! We do not go to the same spots everyday in our hometown neither, right ? 😉

Exactly.. so you can be sure that you will have fun, because each and every tourist unique!

We bet you have never explored a city in such a memorable way like with our Cruise like a local tour!

If you are looking for another common tour, with 

historical facts and important buildings from
famous architects, then you are wrong here,
but please be honest you would not remember
everything the guide told you anyway.
Joining this tour gives you a once in a lifetime
experience and you will never forget it!

Vienna is an extensive city and it is quite difficult to explore by foot or by the public transport. Therefore to avoid the greyness of the subway stations, we provide you our innovative Prime Kick Bikes, the perfect and environmentally friendly solution!

What is included:

  • Kick-Bike use for the length of the tour ( 2- 2,5 hours)
  • performance-oriented local guide
  • best overview of the city and its neighbourhoods 
  • useful and entertaining information of Vienna/ Austria
  • authentic recommendations concerning an amazing time in Vienna


Meeting Point:

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