Click Bike Photo Tour Vienna

Meeting Point

in front of the house 

Reindorfgasse 25, 1150 Vienna

10 min. walk from Metro station Längenfeldgasse (U4) or Gumpendorferstraße (U6)


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  • Start: 17:00
  • End: 19:00



We are Andi and Jakob. Two young photographers from Vienna who want to show you this wonderful city from our perspective. 

One day it is the beautiful architecture that inspires us, then again the hustle and bustle on the Danube Canal. Everywhere is something new to discover, some new perspectives to find, some unique moments to capture.

Photography is our passion and through photography we keep falling in love with our unique city every single day. An experience we want to pass on to you! No matter if you are photographing with an expensive DSLR, an old analogue film-camera or even a mobile phone.

Our tour is about the moment and how to make the most of it even if you put the camera aside sometimes 😉 

click bike tour vienna

Come and join our Click Bike Tour to explore Vienna and photography from another perspective!

click bike tour vienna

What is included:

  • Kick-Bike use for the length of the tour ( 2- 2,5 hours)
  • Photo basics for better pictures 
  • Analog Cameras 
  • best overview of the city and its neighbourhoods 
  • useful and entertaining information of Vienna/ Austria
  • authentic recommendations concerning an amazing time in Vienna


If you are looking for another common tour, with historical facts and important buildings from whatever famous architects, then you are wrong here, but please be honest you would not remember everything the guide told you anyway.

In this tour you will cruise around Vienna with our funky Kick Bikes, taking some beautiful shots of the city or youselfs with different cameras and learning the photo basics which are always useful for travellers!

We are going to meet up, get to know each other and our cameras (if you don’t have any, we provide you with an analog camera) and start the tour with our kickbikes. 

click bike tour vienna

Through the mobility and flexibility of the kickbikes we are going to be able to cover quite the best spots of Vienna for beautiful, interesting or crazy photos! From the historical facades of the 1st district, the Art Noveau architectural gems of Otto Wagner or the stunning Street Art galleries at the “Donaukanal”  where we stop for a Spritzer – the signature drink of Vienna! During the tour we try to teach you the basics of photography in a fun way so that you are possible to make awesome pictures with whatever material you have (Iphone, Analog or DSLR)  Good pictures can be made with any camera – we promise!

Vienna has so much to offer – a century old city, where many decisions happened which changed our whole planet, so it can get a bit overwhelmeing for you. So let us show you the unique and hidden gems of the city, you would not all find on your own! We are regulary on private explorations to find always the best new spots for our tours.

Meeting Point:

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