5 best Christmas markets in Vienna by Prime Tours

Ho ho ho, it is almost that time of the year, on radio stations you can hear a catchy song from Mariah Carey “All I want for Christmas is you”, the city is slowly falling into X-mass fewer atmosphere. Vienna is getting ready for its magical times. Around the city will be opened many Christmas markets, Prime Tours proudly presents you 5 best places where all magic is happening. 


Unlike basic Christmas markets, Spittelberg offers you one different experience. This market is taking part in the hipster alleys of Vienna. You can wander through 4 different streets with all alleys and paths in-between. A concept like this gives you special local feeling. On this market, you can sense a real Christmas atmosphere, with all lights, chocolate-, food-, and wine-booths. 


This Market is held in the modern artistic area of MQ. Closed type of market square, with a lot of space for you and your friends. This winter offers different events, such as DJ warm-up parties or Stand Up comedy. If you are looking for perfect Christmas gifts, come to MQ and check out some cool stuff provided by young designers. 

Christmas Market Vienna


This magical Christmas village will be placed between the two biggest museums in Vienna. In the heart of the city, near Ring street and Hofburg palace, you will be able to find various traditional Christmas products, exhibited on cozy wooden booths and enjoy some hot punch while observing the astonishing architecture of surrounding. The whole area will be decorated with magnificent X-mass lights, which will provide you exceptional holiday feelings. 

Christmas Market Vienna


If you want to go outside the city and take its beaten tracks, visit more local markets, we are happy to present to you 2 of our favorites. 

 This market is placed in the 18th district of Vienna. The beautiful park will be decorated in an X-mass manner, ready to host its guests. If you would like to explore how the local Christmas market looks than you should visit this one. Wooden booths, various local traditional specialties, and stage with daily live music performances. Organizers have also prepared a fun corner for younger ones, that everybody can enjoy the magic of the Christmas holidays.


Mostly unknown for tourists, but one of the best markets that one can visit in Vienna. Located in the 16th district, with a beautiful panoramic view of the city’s rooftops. After a pause in 2018, the market is opening its doors, with a brand fresh look in 2019. To reach this beauty, you’ll need to climb up to the hill, but when you come to the top, the magic starts. Take your punch, hug your loved ones and enjoy in view. 


Christmas Market Vienna

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